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GO DIVE Oman has successfully filled a gap in Oman's tourist market and established itself as a dive company that consistently steps up to the mark with a professional attitude and premium service levels. This now forms our ongoing vision.

And we've now partnered with Euro-Divers to provide you world leading snorkel and scuba diving experiences.
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Euro-Divers Bandar Al Rhowda

Oman offers fantastic scuba diving conditions through the year and dive sites populated by an vibrant abundance of marine life making the Marina Bandar Al Rowdha a great base to explore the surrounding area. The marina Bandar Al Rowdha is the latest dive center managed by Euro-Divers.
The marina Bandar Al Rowdha opened in 1996, it is surrounded by an emerald blue sea and and flanked by steep mountains near Al Bustan, Muscat. A fantastic getaway destination for a scuba diving holiday.