Diving Spots in Europe

When you think of diving vacations Europe is probably not the first thing that comes to mind but there are some great diving spots in Europe.  The cities throughout Europe have a rich history and have attracted tourists for centuries.  There are just as many great diving spots here as you would find in the Caribbean.  Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting places to dive in Europe.


Greece with Santorini in particular is one of the more popular tourist destinations throughout Europe.  Here you can experience the local culture, history and some beautiful scenery.  Heading over to Santorini there are some really incredible rock formation that came about due to volcanic activity.  Diving here you have the chance to see snapper, grouper, barracudas, octopi and some brilliantly colorful reefs.  If you visit Chios Island there are some underwater caves that you can explore.  Diving is a big industry here and you will find excellent training facilities, and tour operators.  You can have a great diving experience here.


Diving in Iceland is not for the inexperienced diver, the waters here are very cold and it will not be anything like diving in the Caribbean or any other warm water.  You are going to need different equipment like a dry suit and frost guarded equipment.  You may want to rent it rather than buying since it is more expensive than regular diving gear.  Despite all of that the diving here is amazing!  The water is crystal clear and there are lots of underwater caverns to explore.

Diving Spots in Europe


If diving to see shipwrecks is your preference then the UK has some of the best dive sites you will find anywhere.  Head north to Scotland and Orkney to see some intact wrecks.  The visibility is better than you would expect and there is lots of marine life that have made these wrecks home.  Bring along an underwater camera to capture some great shots.


All along the coast of Ireland you can find some interesting rock formations but one of the better places to dive is at Diamond Rocks in Kilkee.  Here you can find those rock formations Ireland is so famous for along with plenty of wildlife species.  After you have given Kilkee a try then head over to Carraroe for some more variety of fish species along with some coral reefs.

Europe has thousand of miles of coastline and plenty of different underwater ecosystems for you to check out.  With a history as rich as they have there is no shortage of underwater wrecks to explore either.  Prepare for the trip ahead of time, not all of Europe has warm waters.

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